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Ways to Decorate Your Home with Islamic Art

With the recent decision of New York’s prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to increase their representation of Islamic  art, more attention is now being given to Muslim artists around the world.

Artists like eL Seed.

El Seed against a backdrop of his Calligraffiti art

The renowned French-Tunisian street artist el Seed centers his work around what he calls “calligraffiti”. Born in 1981 with Tunisian heritage, it was this heritage and its history that led him to study Arabic and incorporate Arabic calligraphy into his art, creating mesmerizing modern works with inspirational messages.

Bold in scale, El Seed’s most ambitious work has been his “project of peace painted across 50 buildings”: a mural across 50 buildings in Manshiyat Naser, a district of Cairo, Egypt, that can only be fully seen from a nearby mountain.

El Seed is not alone in the rising tide of artists from the Muslim world. Mehdi Bennaceri is an award winning Muslim photographer who travels the globe to document Muslim lifestyle and history. This includes stunning architectural shots of
mosques and palaces, but also forgotten bits of beauty in less known structures as well as snapshots into the day-to-day life of ordinary people. Mehdi Bennaceri is known for his passion for documentation and his mission to use his art to raise awareness  about social and cultural issues within the communities he visits.

Historically islamic art is known for three things, its grand architectural feats, complex geometric patterns or floral motifs and artwork with elegant calligraphy scripts.

However in the modern context, not only is Islamic and Muslim art visually stunning, from the work of contemporary artists to the documentation of everyday Muslim lives and history, but it is powerful—A statement of cultural pride. The unique characteristic of Islamic art is its timelessness. It blends into modern day homes of  everyday people, whether they inhabit a contemporary apartment or a traditional villa.

Ayat al Kursi in Modern Kufic Script

There are many Muslim artists creating beautiful, unique yet affordable work that will enrich your home. Artizara is proud to collaborate with Muslim artists such as Peter Gould, Salva Rasool, Aadil Abedi, Rabia Arshad, Ameena Khan, and Maaida Noor who beautifully synthesize the modern with the past.

Salva Rasool Contemporary Bismillah
Peter Gould Modern Islamic Art Prints

Support global Muslim artists in their appreciation of peace, harmony, and beauty. Prints of their work available at
Artizara.com so you can bring a piece of the centuries old Islamic art tradition seamlessly into your modern home.