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Hijab Tying Tips: 4 Ways How to Style Colorful Hijabs

The Hijab is many things to many people.

It’s your crown, a mark of identity, a symbol of respect, a religious commandment, a cultural tradition, and more. 

We also know that a Hijab is a fashion statement. It’s one of the most versatile items of clothing you can own, and one of the best ways to spice up any outfit is by choosing a colorful one. Whether you’re looking for a simple back to school look or to stand out from the crowd, a colorful hijab can brighten up your outfit, your skin tone and even your day!

But what are the best ways to tie a hijab without losing those vibrant colors? Here are 5 styles you might want to try  with your colorful Hijabs.


Sometimes, less is more, and this is the case when it comes to a nice and colorful hijab. If you have beautiful headscarves you would like to show off, this classic style is the best way to do so. Using this style with a one of our solid color Celebrity Hijabs will brighten up any outfit and is easily accessorized. It is easy enough to do and if you need to know more you can click the pic below to watch the tutorial.

How to Style Everyday Hijab

Chest Covering

Have you ever bought a beautiful Hijab only to be devastated that you can’t show off any of the pattern with your usual style? Well fear no more, with this modest and flattering style you can show off the design on the front of your outfit for everybody to see. Simply spread one corner of it across your chest and tie the rest as your hijab to showcase your fabulous embroidered or printed Hijab.

Warda Purple Silk Sequin Embroidered Hijab



For a hip and trendy look, try a front knotted turban with a patterned head wrap scarf. This style is quirky and cool and can be used with almost any Muslim headwear, and accessorized to the max with jewelry and makeup.

Maroon Red Black Stripe Hijab

Find out how to do it at the link below:



One of the best ways not to lose those colors is to boost those layers, which makes for a sophisticated style volumised look. Choose simple pastel colors and create layers with more cute head wraps, or choose a unique hijab and boost your volume by styling your hair underneath. This style is a brilliant way to highlight your face and also show off your beautiful Muslim scarves.

Blush Pink Silk Sequin Hijab

To find out one way to do this style with a hijab scarf check out the link below.



This is a playful,  girly look for anyone wanting to use a lot of colors and be creative. Braiding anything always makes it feel more like summer, and you can do this look with one or two scarves depending on the style and coloring you want to go for.

Teal Green and Black Checkered Hijab


To find out how to do this just check out the video below:

Braided Hijab Tutorial:


With all of this in mind, you can check the Artizara Hijab online store for a unique selection of Muslim headwear. With all different colors, styles, patterns and materials, you can style yourself however you like this season with our Hijabs for sale.