Style and Faith

The Value of Modesty

“Modesty is the conscience of the body,” said a famous philosopher. It is a beautiful ornament and a virtue that we guard. is the partnership of two friends who envision a world where modest women’s clothing is the epitome of elegance and “cool”. We believe that there is beauty in modest women’s clothing, and a woman can dress modestly and at the same time be stylish, elegant, chic, fashionable and in vogue.

The major monotheistic faiths practiced throughout the world share the concept of modesty and it is a value held dear by Christians, Jews and Muslims alike.

Whether they are called Mary, Maria, Miriam or Maryam, modest dressing women of many faiths identify with the beautiful artistic depictions of the Virgin Mary in flowing robes, with her head modestly covered. Head covering is practiced in various ways by people of many faiths. The common denominator is the element of modesty. Keeping this common denominator of modest clothing across religions and cultures, we envision a world where people believe that they are alike in many more ways than they are different and modest dressing is an ideal that is shared.

In the Jewish faith the concept of Kedushah (sanctity), Taharah (purity), and Tznius (modesty) play an important role. Tznius and Kedushah must be observed in every aspect of Jewish life, including speech and thought, and certainly in dress. Jewish women wear Snoods to cover their heads in modesty and Muslim women wear Hijab also known as a head scarf. Christian nuns cover themselves with a Habit. A woman’s Snood, Hijab, or Habit is like her crown, and a modest dressing woman is akin to a pearl in a shell. We believe that modesty and modest women’s clothing is the citadel of beauty.

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