Stay Modest with New Scarves!

Stay Warm & Modest with New Scarves…

E-subscribers, here comes your favorite part! We’ll kick off the New Years
(Happy New Years by the way) with a new round of savings for you. $10 OFF your
$75+ order with code [you needed to sign up for the newsletter to get this code].

If you’ve given yourself plenty of time to receive your new order, we recommend
you choose our FREE standard USA shipping (on all orders of $100+). Don’t
forget, we also ship worldwide!

Our development team is just itching to make your experience on the Artizara
website awesome! That is why they are constantly trying to improve the site.
Here are some of the recently implemented features:

We’ve had this for a few weeks now and it is wildly popular. Don’t be shy and
ask questions! To chat, simple click on the bottom-right, black tab and fill
out your name & email. Click the “start chatting” button and then all that’s
left is to simply ask your question. We will answer you as soon as possible.
We wanted an easier customer experience while trying to look at product details
(photos). Therefore, we came up with a better (hopefully less confusing) zoom
feature for our product images. Simply mouseover the main product image to
zoom. It’s that simple!

We thought it would be nice for you (the customer) to be able to view all the
images, without having to go into the product to do so. To do this, simply
mouseover the product image (while in the catalog/category). Soon after, all
the images for that product will start cycling for your viewing pleasure.

Our team loves trying to make your user experience a smooth & enjoyable one.
Look out for more cool new features coming soon! And as always, contact us if
there is anything you need assistance with!

Well, that’s it for now folks.


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