Ramadan Mubarak

Modern Muslim Clothing: Artizara.com Remains Creatively Modest and True to the Spirit of Ramadan

Artizara.com extends Ramadan greetings to all! The blessed month of Ramadan is a very important time in the lives of Muslims. It is a time of spiritual reawakening, reflection and renewal. It is a time of both inwardly and outwardly, striving to be your best self.

In line with the Hadith (Prophetic saying) “ Allah is Beautiful and Loves Beauty”, Artizara.com is committed to providing modest Islamic clothing that looks beautiful, feels beautiful, and reflects the spirituality and sanctity that permeate Ramadan.
Ramadan is about reaffirming one’s faith and devotion to Allah, and to the Ummah (community). It is in this exact spirit that Artizara also reaffirms its commitment to the Islamic community with their consistent offering of beautifully unique, contemporary Muslim clothing at affordable prices.

Artizara recognizes that Muslims living in the West are active parts of their communities. Through the fasts of Ramadan, they fulfill their ongoing commitments to work, to school, to family and to their communities. Each Muslim is an ambassador of Islam, and especially so, when they wear Islamic Clothing. It is Artizara’s mission to help them fulfill this obligation, and to be the finest ambassadors of their Islamic Faith.

Artizara.com is a pioneer in the field of Contemporary Islamic Clothing for Muslims living in the West. They were the first to introduce coordinated “hijabs” (head scarves) with all of their elegant, modest tunic tops, saving the well-dressed Muslimah the hassle of finding the perfect scarf to go with every outfit.

Allowing for a creative expression of Muslim identity and providing fabulously unique ideas for Islamic gift-giving for Eid and other special occasions, Artizara.com introduced its range of extraordinary hand made sterling silver jewelry, contemporary in design yet hand-crafted following centuries’ old jewelry making traditions. The collection includes necklaces, bracelets, rings and limited edition collectible silver medallions, featuring inspirational Quranic engravings.

Artizara was also the first to introduce Islamic Caftans, Modest Long Dresses and Islamic Formal Wear. Recognizing that western mainstream stores did not provide body covering options in formal wear and many Muslimahs were forced to wear traditional ethnic clothing to formal occasions at work or school, Artizara introduced a range of exquisite Modest Long Dresses and Islamic caftans, inspired by the richness of Islamic art and heritage, and finished with coordinating “hijabs” which are included with every style.


Many Artizara pieces are designed to go from work or school, to the mosque, or to the evening Iftar invite with friends and family. The Heba long hand-spun cotton tunic, for example, is an excellent example: cool, smooth cotton, modest fit, and neutral colors that coordinate with most bottoms – and, best of all, there is a designed to match hijab so that the look is completely put together. If you want to get a little more formal, consider the Elsie chiffon ruffle tunic, a lightweight, double-layer shirt-dress with beautiful metallic crochet detailing. The Elsie is a unique piece sedate enough for the month of Ramadan, but it can also feature prominently in a Muslim woman’s regular everyday wardrobe.


The next time you are shopping for Muslim clothing or Islamic gifts, consider Artizara.com. They have consistently proven their commitment to faith-affirming, modest Islamic ideals, expressed in beautiful Muslim clothing that is unlike anything available at other mainstream or online stores, and in a risk free shopping experience that will delight you with its simplicity.

In a world filled with too many unsuitable clothing choices, Artizara makes sure that beauty, comfort, and Islamic values can coexist harmoniously, and stands out as the perfect Islamic clothing choice for the socially conscious Muslim woman, who is the most wonderful ambassador of her faith.

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