A Sneak peek at what’s in store for Spring!!

This spring it is all about comfort with your added personal style. We have been hard at work designing pieces that give you the modest look, confidence and easy wear style that you need for your everyday life.

At Artizara, we are so excited to give you a sneak peek at some styles of tunics that are in store for Spring 2010!

The Maira Long Cotton Print Tunic Dress

This tunic is the epitome of comfort meets style. Soft, gorgeous cotton with a bold, ethnic print. The length is perfect that it can be worn with any neutral pair of leggings (thin or thick) or a pair of jeans. The soft cotton makes it a versatile tunic and a sweater can be easily worn over it for the colder days.

The Nafisah Long Pleated Chiffon Tunic

Ultra feminine top with a flattering silhouette. High neckline with a vibrant geometric print. Pleats at sweep give this tunic a full body finish. The light lavender color makes this tunic wearable with many different bottoms. White linen trousers would be a perfect match for a warm summer day. This tunic can also be dressed up with dark denim jeans. A loose cardigan is a great addition to this tunic.

The Aara Long Cotton Button Down Tunic

This button down tunic is perfect for work and play. Classic, tailored fit with a fun polka dot print. This tunic can be worn with blue jeans for a casual look. The curved hemline also makes this tunic wearable with a blazer for a more formal look. The full button down closure can be worn open with a camisole underneath to create a layered look.

The Natalia Long Paisley Ruffle Tunic with Ties

A festive paisley print tunic with fun detail. Scrunch ties at wrist and at sweep make this tunic anything but ordinary. Sleeves can be worn full with ties undone or scrunched up to make a 3/4 sleeve. Sweep scrunches on one side for a versatile length. This tunic would look great with a flowy skirt or a pair of light leggings. Can also be layered with a jacket.

The Varisha Long Cotton Ruffle Tunic Dress

Ultra feminine tunic with delicate touches. This tunic is extra long and can be worn with either jeans or leggings. An item that can easily be worn throughout the season. Fully lined. Would look great with a belt to create a slimming silhouette.

“Express your Artizara” Facebook Contest

Showcase how you wear Artizara with creative photos of your best looking ensembles, graphic collages of what the brand means to you, or even expressive word art. Anything goes… because only you know how best to “Express your Artizara.”

Become our fan on Facebook where more details on how to submit your work are provided.  Receive your 10% coupon by entering your email on the website: artizara.com

We’ll be judging all the submissions the week of November 19th 2009, so be sure to express yourself before then!

3 talented winners will receive the following recognition:
-An Artizara gift certificate ($500, $300, and $200)
-Their submission showcased on the Artizara homepage and Artizara Facebook page

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Contact sheba@artizara.com for additional information.

Eid Gift Ideas

Gift-giving is a way to express appreciation, gratitude and love towards another. Gift giving is a part of many world cultures, though the items chosen may be different, and they may be given at certain times and also given for various reasons.

Gift-giving has always been a strong and meaningful practice in Islam.

Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) encouraged Muslims to both give and receive gifts. Here are some traditions of the Prophet (S.A.W) on this matter. These traditions come from Sahih Bukhari, an authentic book on Islamic Ahaadith.

The Prophet (S.A.W) encouraged us to accept gifts graciously, even if they are very simple and humble

The beloved wife of The Prophet(S.A.W),’Aisha (R.A), said that Allah’s Apostle used to accept gifts and used to give something in return.

Gifts are given during the celebration of Eid to express gratitude and give good wishes to loved ones near and far. Giving books, home made sweets and apparel are just a few among the many items that are appropriate for this most sacred holiday.

For Muslims living in the West, Eid is a wonderful time to express their identity and to share their love for their heritage with others, through uniquely Islamic gifts.

And of course, expressing modern Muslim identity in the form of cool products is our mission and our passion, here at Artizara.

Alongside our festive modest fashions inspired by Islamic heritage, we have a superb selection of hand-made one of a kind Islamic jewelry that is suitable for a wide range of people in your life, both guys and girls. Whether you are giving to your mother, grand kids, your wife, your best friend or just simply someone who is special to you, we have that perfect piece that speaks the voice of your heart, and connects you and your loved one to our rich Islamic heritage.

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

Mother,Wife, Grandmother – Show your appreciation by giving her one of these delicate and inspirational pieces.

” Heaven is under Mothers’ Feet” Necklace – Features the beautiful Hadith of the Prophet (S.A.W). Gorgeous sterling silver necklace hand-made by Egyptian artisans features two strands of raw amethysts or rose quartz, threaded together with silver links.

Sterling Silver and Aqeeq Keepsake “Protection” Locket Necklace – Exquisite sterling silver filigree decorates this oval keepsake box pendant, accented with a cabochon Aqeeq stone. The calligraphy on the pendant reads “Allah is the Best Protector and He is the most Merciful”.

“Beloved” Earrings – For that special someone! Striking sterling silver earrings hand made by Egyptian artisans, feature the word “Beloved”. Delicate fresh water pearls threaded together in a criss-cross design with silver links.

Father or Husband: Give your father or husband an inspirational piece of jewelry that they will treasure.

Sterling Silver Reversible “Protection” Necklace – Large, teardrop sterling silver pendant is engraved with the “Ayat-al-Kursi” (verses of protection) on one side and “Surah al-Ikhlas” (Oneness of God) on the other.

Modern Sterling Silver “Shahadah” (Faith) Cuff Bracelet – Contemporary, heirloom quality cuff bracelet crafted with polished sterling silver. Accented with a hand-engraved “Shahadah” (Declaration of Faith) for Muslims “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” .

 Limited Edition Collectible Islamic Silver Coins – Minted in the USA, each coin contains 1 Troy ounce fine silver and features Islamic calligraphy with English translation.

Friends: We have pieces to suit every budget that are perfect for your special friend. Express your thankfulness and love to your friend whom you hold so dear.

“We Shall Never Part” Earrings – Sterling silver dangle earrings hand made by Egyptian artisans, feature the the inscription “La Naftariq”, meaning “We Shall Never Part”.

Hand Engraved Aqeeq and Sterling Silver “Thankfulness” Ring – Dramatic sterling silver ring features the Islamic expression of thankfulness, “Al Hamdolillah” (Praise be to Allah), engraved by hand on your choice of black onyx or brown agate (‘Aqeeq’).

Sterling Silver Contemporary “Flower” Allah Necklace – Bold sterling silver pendant features the word Allah (God) in stylized calligraphy, arranged in a circle in the petals of the flower.

“Tree of Life” Sterling Silver & Goldplate Necklace – The “Tree of life” is a metaphor for common descent and is a philosophy shared by various world ideologies and faiths.

Goldplate over Sterling Silver “Allah” Necklace (Small) – Gold-plate over Sterling Silver necklace features the word “Allah” (God) in fluid, modern calligraphy.

A Sister’s Words that Touched our Hearts

            We received this email from a customer, that really touched our hearts. Words like this sister’s remind us to be grateful for all that Allah has blessed us with, and inspire us to keep pushing forward.

We wish only happiness for our sister and we pray Allah (SWT) grants this customer the gift of good health this Ramadan.

“Artizara, I’m sending you all this E-mail about my clothing. I really do Pendo (Love) them from the core of my soul & I really do mean this. Because, it’s what I’ve been in search of every since I’ve become Muslim. They are fashionable & beautiful. I am a Kaa (cancer) patient. I’ve been surviving since “2000” but, it has arrive again. I will be ordering again very, very soon so, look forward to my word. Thank you!!!”

Milwaukee, WI

We hope that Artizara products bring not just style to our customers but inspiration and the confidence to help one another grow in love and truly be who they are.This valued customer ordered a few items to reflect her modest lifestyle and stay true to her faith. We wanted to share her selection with you:

One piece that she ordered was the Natural Bamboo Hand-woven “Fair-Trade” Wrap Hijab which is a such a great lightweight and versatile piece to have in your wardrobe.

Fair trade is a social movement to bring about equality among the vastly diverse worlds of the developing and underdeveloped economies. Fair Trade relationships take account of all costs of production, both direct and indirect, including the safeguarding of natural resources and meeting future investment needs. The artistic traditions behind these products stem from indigenous cultures which value the earth’s resources and also value the discipline and wisdom inherent in these traditions.

By buying fair trade products, you help to:

* Preserve Indigenous Cultures
* Support Traditional Artisan Communities
* Invest in Community-Based Development Programs
* Safeguard Natural Resources
* Protect the Earth from Exploitation & Pollution 

Another item was the “Mercy” earrings. These small, delicate earrings are hand-made by Egyptian artists and in sterling silver and turquoise. The calligraphy says “Rahma” which means “Mercy”, something that we beg Allah (SWT) for, and pray that He showers Mercy on our sister every single day!