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What’s in a dress? A person’s dress depicts who you are, what your tastes are, and what you stand for. What makes a Muslim woman distinctive is the modesty of her clothes, through which shines the inner beauty of the soul. The way a Muslim woman dresses, wearing modest clothing, often along with the head covering or the hijab, establishes her identity as a Muslim. She believes that her dressstands for the values she believes in, and the modesty of her clothes along with the dignity with which she carries herself, sets her apart and defines the way people perceive her.

At we take Modest Islamic Fashion very seriously as we believe that we are “global citizens” of this earth, where boundaries are disappearing and the world is truly becoming a melting pot of cultures.

The words Islamic Fashion, are multi-faceted and unique. If we research historical references to determine trends followed in the past, we find that Muslim dress varied greatly based upon the geographic region to which they belonged and was also influenced significantly by the culture of the region. However, irrespective of the era or geographic region Muslims belonged to, Islamic Fashion in years past had one thing in common: Modesty.

Whether it be the East, the West, the Far East, Europe or Africa, women are in tune with fashion. Socially conscious Muslim women of all backgrounds desire to be fashionable while maintaining their individual identities, and without compromising their values of modest dressing. It is this phenomenon that we call Islamic Fashion.  We at believe that it is possible for a woman to look chic and stylish while maintaining her Muslim identity. We believe that with the unique way a Muslim woman dresses, she can assert her individuality while at the same time assimilating beautifully into whatever world culture or community she is a part of. At we strive to keep up with the trends whether it be the new colors of the season or the latest cuts of dresses, but do not believe in following the trends slavishly. We modify current styles to conform to modest clothing norms and create our own brand of hip and trendy “Islamic Fashion”. Our design house works endless hours to find unique embellishments, often inspired by Islamic art, and to integrate those unique details into our Islamic Fashion collection. The result is styles that are truly unique, and say something about who you are. These are clothes that provide outstanding value for your money. Our modest tops, hijabs, long skirts and modest dresses are priced very competitively with what you would find (or not find!) at department stores. Compared to other online stores, our Islamic Fashions offer superior quality, more attractive styling and better value. Add to that the day-to-evening, casual-to-formal versatility of our styles and you will find that you will be reaching for your Artizara Islamic Fashions every day, year after year!

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  1. Salaam, I love the styles your models wear hijab on your site. Could you please tell me how to wrap the scarves the way you do on your models?


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