Fall Fashion 2009

 As we make our way into the fall season, I am sure you start to wonder what type of trends are going to be set and how you will be able to incorporate these pieces into your everyday wardrobe. Here are a few tips and sneak peeks at the up coming season:

Capes, Capelets and Ponchos: These key pieces are truly making a come-back this year on the runway.  There are various ways to wear these and still keep the modest look. The most popular look is to wear long sleeved tops or dresses underneath. This adds layers to your look and creates a more refined appearance.

High Neckline: At almost every fashion show this season, high necklines seemed to be the choice of style. High mandarin collars and boat neck styles which we all know and love will be back with more embroidery and culture inspired motifs to add. These types of tops make for great layering pieces which can  be worn fall and spring.

Sheer Fabrics: This trend has been carried over from 2008 to 2009 and 2010! With this type of fabric, whether it be silk or chiffon, wearing this in a drapy style adds the feminine touch and timeless elegance.

Hats: Berets are going to be seen as the main trend this season. Coming in all sorts of sizes and colors, this type of hat is perfect for anyone wanting to cover their hair. There is enough fabric where the hair can be tucked up inside and still look adorable and fashionable. There are way to dress up a beret by simply adding a baroche or feather detail for that touch of femininity. Scarves are being transitioned into fall and have more then one way to wear them. It seems as though Audrey Hepburn is still making an impact when it comes to fashion and wearing a scarf tied underneath your chin is something that will be seen for fall.

We would love to hear your feedback and find out what you are expecting this fall and holiday season. Your great ideas will be incorporated into Artizara designs for the fall, Ramadan and Eid season!

Have a wonderful week,

Artizara Team

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