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We believe that plus size women are an important and sizeable segment of the market which is often neglected. It is very hard for the plus size modest dresser to find styles that maintain a stylish and chic look. Therefore Artizara also offers plus size modest women’s clothing to our costumers. Our plus size clothing line includes a range of plus size tunic tops and plus size dresses. We carry sizes to 2XL in our long dresses and also carry plus size tunic tops to size 3XL in select styles. We also carry a selection of plus size modest long skirts and plus size modest jackets.

Like our vision, our clientele encompasses people of all faiths and backgrounds. Artizara modest women’s clothing is Christian clothing, LDS clothing, Jewish clothing, Islamic clothing and World Style Clothing. Just as modesty is a value that has no boundaries, the World Wide Web is a market that has no boundaries. So, it is not surprising that since its inception has grown and now ships to over 100 countries worldwide. We are deeply indebted and thankful to our customers who have placed their faith in us. We are here solely because of their support, and their faith in our modest women’s clothing.

3 thoughts on “Clothing for Everybody”

  1. I really upset with the sizing at artzara ur plus size is not really plus sizes their size 12 and 14 I really the this company works on this a little harder or dont say u offer plus sizes and i notice that on the eid dress u changed ur sizing list a only made up 12 which in ur sizing is actaully size 10US
    I really hope ur company takes these comments seriuosly I love the clothes and I would love to be able to wear them in public but they are usaully to fitted or too short and they show butt and thighs or they dont fit

  2. I too couldn’t find anything beyond a size 12 US. Please, does anyone make pretty Islamic clothing for us larger gals? I’m trying to open a store in Seattle, WA that really has something for everyone, but finding plus-size wholesalers is difficult…

  3. Thanks so much for your wonderful designs. The fabrics are great and the quality is excellent. I am a professional christian woman that was looking for modest yet stylish clothing. You have definitely filled a need in the marketplace. I check your website often to look for new items so please continue the great work.

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