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4 Tips For Looking Modestly Stunning at Your Next Party With Hijab Evening Dresses

According to the majority of what we ladies see online and on television, nobody today can pull off the feat of looking amazing and being modest at the same time. It is almost as if the media ranks attention-grabbing beauty by the amount of skin that women are willing to expose. However, there are many ways to catch the eye of every person at your next event requiring hijab evening dresses and still remain modest. Here are a few.

Know Your Own Style

Though you may believe that what you wear is the most important part of the equation when you are getting ready for a fancy evening event, there is actually something that must be taken into account saba-emerald-green-long-chiffon-formal-dressfirst. Knowing your own sense of style and how to dress accordingly is the first and most important part of looking and feeling stunning at any event that requires a formal dress. Once you realize what type of beautiful hijab evening dress makes you feel the most comfortable, you can shop with that style in mind. And arriving at the party in an abaya dress or modest evening dress that feels just right and makes you exude confidence, will be the very first thing that draws all eyes to you.

Colors Talk

Second only to your sense of style are the colors that you wear. Sadly, the wrong color can throw off an entire ensemble and may even make others wonder if you are feeling well. There are several programs available online that can help you know which colors will enhance your natural beauty and help people around you sit up and take notice.ramona-silky-zardozi-hand-embroidered-midi-dress-crimson-jpg

Whether you opt for jewel-toned abaya gowns or neutral formal hijab dresses, the fact that the colors complement your style, personality, and skin tone will surely speak volumes.

Dazzle With Fabrics

Before taking your newfound knowledge about personal style and color choices for a shopping run, take a moment to consider fabrics. From silk hijabs and abaya gowns to satin formal tunics, chiffon hijab formal dresses, and metallic jersey party tunics, each fabric has a different look, feel, and drape. Peruse a few websites that offer comprehensive, easy-to-understand descriptions of different types of fabrics to make sure you know what type you are looking for. This type of research will also help you to know how to properly care for and store the beautiful dress once the ball is over.

Frosting on The Cake

The right pair of shoes, handbag and accessories are what we females tend to call the frosting on the proverbial cake. So once you have found the perfect formal hijab dresses, do not head right home. Instead take the dress with you while you select the perfect accessories. Those who work in the fashion retail industry often have a fantastic eye for what will look great together and should be more than willing to help you select those items that will complete the perfect picture.

By taking time before shopping for your modest formal dress you can ensure that you will be able to walk into the room feeling confident and looking radiant. That confidence is sure to be the thing that draws every eye in the room to your beautifully modest self.


How to Shop for Abaya Dresses That Are Sure To Fit Your Style

What you wear can say more about who you are than what you may say to those around you. This is because the clothing, jewelry, shoes and head wraps that you select for your wardrobe all make a unified statement about your personal sense of style. There are so many choices when shopping for Abayas, ranging from simple denim abayas to stylish formal abaya gowns and designer abayas.  With all the choices, many women are left wondering if there’s an easy way to find Abaya dresses that will help others realize more about who they really are and what their personal style really is. Here are some fashion tips that we’ve uncovered:

Define Your Style

Though traditionally, most women wore black Abayas, many who wear Muslim clothing are now choosing to wear stylish abayas in other colors to express their personal style. In order to figure out more about your own personal style, you may want to look no further than your own closet, jewelry box or wardrobe. By doing this, you will be able to see if you are more attracted to neutral tones or to brighter colors.  Do you see more solids or prints in your collection?  Is gold your main jewelry color, or do silver and bronze show up more frequently?  Are your shoes what some would refer to as safe and sensible, or do you often wear high heels made of exotic printed fabric?  

Taking a good long look at what you already own can certainly point you in the right direction when you are considering broadening your style horizon into fashionable Abayas.

Look at Your Budget

The next step in this process is just as important as looking in your own clothing collection.  It involves looking at the budget, or what you plan to spend. This will help you decide on where to find abayas on sale, and online shops that you should and should not frequent. While some say that there is no harm in looking at and trying on clothes that you cannot afford to purchase, we do not recommend it, as it may only set you up to be disappointed.  As you search for places to shop, you will find that there are plenty of online resources as well as brick and mortar stores that carry just the style that you have been looking for.

Ask Around

Friends and neighbors who may have also been shopping for Islamic clothing recently are yet another good resource for information. They can often tell you if they have loved a store, the customer service they have received, or if they may have stumbled on a new website that they think you might just enjoy perusing. Alternately, they will also be able to tell you which stores and websites to avoid.

The internet is also full of places that you can “ask” when you are searching for new Abayas to match your style.  Sites such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter all have groups, photos and pages that may help you narrow down the style you are looking for or the best place to shop.

Follow Fashions

Take time to go beyond simply reading about current fashions and styles and begin following fashion blogs. The individuals who have created these blogs have gained a reputation for knowing what looks good, and they are not afraid to share their knowledge with the online world. This is a great resource for discovering less traditional abayas like abaya maxi dresses and formal abaya gowns. If you see something that you love on one of these blogs, the chances are high that the blogger has included a link to the website where it can be purchased.  

By following select Muslim clothing fashion bloggers, you may also get some new ideas about how to creatively wear some of the clothing, jewelry or shoes that are already in your current wardrobe.

Plan Before You Shop

By taking the time and energy to review your current clothing, your budget, and get advice from people and sources that you trust, you can bet that your shopping will be a lot more fun and productive. Instead of becoming frustrated by going store to store when nothing seems to match the ideal clothing that you had in mind, you will be able to get exactly the right Abaya dresses and fantastic accessories that are sure to tell the world who you really are.



Our 10 Favorite Muslim Fashion Instagrams to Follow Now

Follow our favorite Muslim Instagrammers that dominate the modest fashion scene. These beautiful ladies offer Islamic fashion advice and beauty tips we love.


The contemporary Islamic women’s fashion industry is characterized by an exciting blend of modern styles and traditional sensibilities. Today’s modest woman isn’t constrained by simple styles or uninspired looks. Rather, clothing and accessories for Islamic women can be artistic, edgy, elegant, regal, colorful, and even a bit Avant Garde. And there is no better place to take a front row seat to all of the latest in Muslim fashions than Instagram. The following is a list of our 10 favorite Muslim fashion Instagrams to follow:

Yaz the Spaz

Yasemin, better known as YazTheSpaz, was born and raised in the United States to a Turkish father and Cuban mother. She feels that it is important to create beautiful styles, but more importantly, that those looks are comfortable and help women feel as confident as possible. She is married to a gentleman of Egyptian background, who supports her mission to empower girls and women to feel amazing and look beautiful.


As a recipient of Harper Bazaar’s Best Dressed award, Dana Wolley Zayat, known to her followers as Doooonie, maintains an Instagram fan base of more than 230k individuals. Over 3,000 posts to date detail her fascination with contemporary Muslim fashions and her brand ambassadorship for Sunsilk lends credibility in the fashion world. Her classy presence and penchant for glamorous yet restrained style has helped her to build a loyal following among those who appreciate modest fashion.

Thefierce nay

Nadia Hasan, known to Instagram followers as Thefierce nay, has always wanted to be a part of the fashion world. Her diminutive presence is offset by her outsized love of Arabic fashions, and her full-speed-ahead drive to promote her passion is tempered only by her restrained, polished demeanor and quiet, creative vision. She is not only a wildly-popular influencer, though – she is also a fashion designer who has translated her love of shoes into a wide array of footwear offerings for today’s modern women. Her designs are crafted in Italy and range from basic flats to stunning, evening-ready silhouettes.


Ascia AKF is a rising star in the Islamic women’s fashion world, and she has now amassed more than 35,000 followers from around the world. She considers herself a “hybrid,” meaning that she is a Kuwaiti/American who balances the complexities of modern life, while keeping an eye on traditional values and clothing. Her self-deprecating style and electrifying blogs entice followers to listen closely to her influential message around turbans, Islamic fashion ideas, and more.


Dalal Al Doub, known as Dalalid to followers, has emerged as a prominent name in the Middle East fashion and beauty scene over the past several years. She launched her blog Dalalid in 2012, and has since created a series of articles sharing her make up tips, personal beauty suggestions, and general lifestyle suggestions. Her focuses are empowering women in the region and delivering quality content that improves the fashion industry in the area. 1.9 million Instagram followers think she’s on to something.


With more than 54,000 followers on Twitter and 1 million on Instagram, Dinatokio has emerged as a powerful voice in the lifestyle, fashion and beauty realm. She combines contemporary fashion opinions and examples with a dose of relevant discussion around topics as diverse as modest bathing suits to politics. Her normal fashion blogging is refreshingly interspersed with her perspectives as a new mom, which lends a sense of light-hearted fun to her musings.


UK-based Zahrarosea (Zahra Rose Alazaibi) is a newer face to the modest fashion scene, but she’s growing quickly – now indicating more than 16,000 followers on Instagram and about 1,000 fashion-centric posts to browse. Active for about five years in the fashion world, her self-description is simply “just being a human-being being creative.” Her posts detail her influential opinions on Islamic fashion trends, creative clothing and styling tips, and more.


Dubai/US-based Saufeeya bint Goodson boasts over 232,000 followers on Instagram and has created nearly two hundred posts detailing her thoughts on creativity, self-expression, and individuality. She emphasizes diverse beauty, classic and modest stylings, and empowered women making a difference in the world. Take a look at her Instagram page and her YouTube videos for more information about what makes her unique perspective on modest fashions so insightful.


Fashion bloggers at Hautehijab live the mantra of “Hijab is more than just a piece of cloth.” Founded in 2010, more than 127,000 individuals call themselves followers of Melanie (the face of the brand), which has created a loyal following thanks to insightful and fun-to-read articles that cover all aspects of a modern, modest woman’s fashion options. Find Melanie and Hautehijab on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Maryam of Sincerelymaryam aims to capture modesty through the fashion lens – and wow, has she created a loyal following of fashionable individuals. Nearly 200,000 Instagram followers have access to her shopping faves section, YouTube videos and hijab tutorials, relaxed and friendly blog posts, and more. Her recent posts cover ways in which Muslim women can dress fashionable and modestly, during pregnancy.

When searching the web for great examples of Islamic fashion trends and modest apparel and styling options, you’ll likely come across one or more of these incredible women – each offering an insightful and eclectic view that provides plenty of ideas for the modern Islamic fashionista. For more information about modest clothing choices for women, visit today!









10 Looks to Steal from the Runway of Islamic Fashion Week

Dressing modestly doesn’t have to mean sacrificing fashion. Check out our 10 favorite Islamic runway looks you can copy for a modest, on-trend outfit!


The Islamic fashion runway is an exciting place. After all, designers in this realm have proven that they can expertly craft unique, trendy styles while keeping modesty in mind at all times. Islamic fashion today can be just as vibrant and exhilarating as any other segment of the fashion world, yet it is uniquely tailored to the desires of today’s modern Muslim woman. The following are ten beautiful looks that you can steal from the runway at this year’s Islamic Fashion Week show in Istanbul.

  1. Gulshaan: Blue Maxi Dress Abaya: Loose, flowing, and decadently comfortable, there is no denying that this trendy yet subtle dress will continue to gain in popularity. Tailored details, a matching-fabric belt, and a conservative neckline contribute to the modest yet regal look. Look for dresses in this style that are constructed of 96% poly/4% spandex for comfort and wrinkle-free care, and then select a color that suits your personality. Blues were quite popular during Fashion Week this year!


  1. Muslima Wear: Muslima Wear: At this year’s Islamic Fashion Week, countless varieties of elegantly styled looks from Muslima Wear were on full display. Modest styles included shawls, dresses, evening dresses, blouses, jackets, skirts, vests, and more. Slightly eclectic styles were seen at the show, indicating that perfectly matching separates are not required. In fact, you can pick and choose pieces to match your unique tastes! We loved the colors and unique design of their purple abaya, which are echoed in this purple abaya.

Muslima Wear

  1. Naelofar: Innovative designer Naelofar HIjab displayed several beautiful gown and hijab pairings on the Islamic Fashion Week runway, and their collection includes more than a dozen unique lines. From the elegant Victoria line of hijabs to the flowing, draped Annabelle, there are so many styles to choose from to create stunning, one-of-a-kind fashion statements. To mirror the elegant lines and crisp, pastel colors of the Naelofar collection, consider pairing a Saeera Palestinian Embroidered long maxi dress with your choice of stylish Hijab. You’ll look “just off the runway” in no time!


  1. Ainee Suhaidi: Designer outfits from Ainee Suhaidi on display at Islamic Fashion Week mirror those of the fashion maven’s traditional offerings – namely, trendy everyday wear that combines comfort and affordability. Think of Ainee Suhaidi fashions as “real clothing” that you could wear on any given day, but they’re just a bit higher on the elegance scale than most other options. From caftans to jumpsuits, capes to cardigans, a host of trends were on display – and you can emulate an Ainee Suhaidi runway look by selecting a formal hand beaded caftan dress with wrap scarf in your choice of colors.

Ainee Suhaidi

  1. Ainee Suhaidi: The designers at Ainee Suhaidi went all out this year and displayed some of the most innovative designs among modest clothing exhibitioners at the show. Long tunics and fitted pants paired beautifully with a set of elegant black pumps, while crocheted sweaters and a sleek black dress delivered a classic yet on-trend look for modern Islamic women. To reproduce this look yourself, consider ordering a Warda crinkle chiffon pleated long tunic, stylish black cigarette pants in black, and a Myra long knit sweater cardigan in Ivory. The overall look is sleek, modern, and tasteful.

Ainee Suhaidi Ainee Suhaidi2

  1. Kübra Biriktir: With hundreds of thousands of “likes” on social media, Kübra Biriktir is a leader in the Islamic women’s fashion movement, and delivered a stunning display at the Islamic Fashion Week show in Istanbul. To recreate one of the standout looks that was seen on the runway, consider ordering a Minka lace maxi dress abaya with scarf in stunning ivory and tan. This dress faithfully replicates the beige colored dress that debuted during the Kübra Biriktir presentation.

Kübra Biriktir

  1. Aidijuma: This iconic Islamic fashion house delivered a truly beautiful collection at the Islamic Fashion Week show this year, including many ensembles that featured spectacularly-layered looks and eclectic print choices. Colors, textures, and prints collided to create a whirlwind of fashion possibilities, and Aidijuma held nothing back when it came time to push the boundaries of today’s modern Islamic styles. To construct an outfit that mirrors the style, sophistication, and elegance of one of Aidijuma’s most revelatory looks this year, order Rani lace applique stretch velvet leggings, a Charlene embroidered long formal tunic in Dusty Rose color, and the IZA gold silk wrap hijab with hand beaded motifs. You’ll have the Aidijuma look for a fraction of the cost.

Aidijuma Aidijuma 2

  1. Hilal Oguzkan: It’s all Haute Couture from this incredible fashion house, and the 2016 Islamic Fashion Week provided the perfect opportunity for the designer to display far-reaching styles that expertly blend modern, sophisticated touches, with a reverence for modest, traditional styles. To capture the essence of Hilal Oguzkan yourself, order wide leg satin Palazzo pants that deliver a luxurious drape and incredible movement, then opt for a Sabine embroidered long tunic in crisp white. The combination delivers a comfortable look that is modest yet edgy.

Hilal Oguzkan

  1. Mevra: Stunning dresses are the calling card of Islamic women’s fashion designer Mevra. Designed to make you look absolutely gorgeous on a sophisticated night out or during a unique celebration, these dresses are transcendent and are simply wondrous to behold. To replicate the look and feel of Mevra’s regal dresses on display at the 2016 Islamic Fashion Week, try the Elsa maxi dress with wrap scarf in Café, complete with raglan sleeves, soft chiffon scarf, and shimmery gold edging.


  1. Esin Ertan: Attendees of Islamic Fashion Week this year in Istanbul were treated to Esin Ertan’s collection of sleek, modern, and modest fashion choices. Colors and patterns are often intentionally muted by this designer, but the intricate tailoring and flattering designs catch the eye and prompt descriptors like “versatility, sophistication, and femininity.” Bringing the best of Ertan home doesn’t require huge sums of money or a custom design consultation – instead, simply order a Baylie long curved med midi tunic dress in basic black, then add a pair of Zohra tailored cigarette pants in the same color. You’ll evoke thoughts of the Esin Ertan collection, all without spending a lot of money.

Esin Ertan

7 Secrets to Creatively Styling Your Hijab

Looking to change up how you fasten your headscarf? If so, read our favorite tips for fashioning a cool new hijab style like a pro.


While the traditional hijab is a symbol of modesty for Muslim women, it doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, the hijab is one of the most versatile pieces of apparel in that it can be styled in several different ways. Plus, the wide variety of fabrics, patterns, and textures can complement virtually any modest outfit. If you are ready to add a little flair to your normal routine, consider one of our favorite seven styling tips below. You’ll see our recommendations and then a link to a quick tutorial video to make these new hijab fashion styles even easier to access.

  1. The “Side Knot”

If you’re looking for a quick turban style that isn’t that difficult to create, but looks intricate and refined, make sure that you learn how to bring this hijab style to life. YouTube sensation NabiilaBee shows you how to tie a turban in a simple yet feminine way to create a beautiful and low-fuss look. The idea is a chic and sophisticated take on the traditional turban, best accomplished by employing a scarf made of jersey material or viscose mix. In almost no time at all you’ll create a regal and whimsical look.






  1. Add Some Glitz

The basic hijab represents the perfect canvas for your desired look, as it can be worn in an array of styles and comes in several unique material choices. If you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily style your hijab, while at the same time introducing an elegant and regal design element, consider adding a brooch or headpiece. A simple butterfly design or sterling silver diamond-look brooch adds visual appeal and a touch of restrained beauty to the entire outfit. Virtually any piece of modest jewelry can dress up a hijab – find a wide variety of unique styles today here.




  1. Add length in the Front

To create a unique, fashionable, and sophisticated look – all without having to purchase a whole new wardrobe, simply change up how you wear your existing outfit and you’ll feel like a whole new person! Experiment with different cuts and prints to create a sense of length. Leaving your hijab longer in the front creates elegant length that is easily dressed up or down.



  1. Add Twists or Braids

This style is truly easy to create and looks so cute! You just might find that it becomes your go-to look for both casual and elegant events. Start with a bonnet and volumizing scrunchie to create the perfect base layer, and then fold a square hijab as indicated in the accompanying tutorial. The hijab peaks at the center of the forehead and then wraps around in an attractive twisted braid design that is quite fashionable across the modern Arab world today. Alternatively, adding some simple twists to your hijab creates soft dimension for a cute look that’s still professional.





  1. Show off your Earrings

One common complaint among women who wear a hijab is that it can be difficult to wear earrings – or that the earrings are too hidden behind the fabric of the hijab, making it pointless to even wear them in the first place. Take a look at the tutorial below and learn how to take a normal hijab, wrap it using strategically placed pins. You’ll look just like you’re wearing earrings as normal, but they will now display much more prominently than before.



  1. Go Sleek and Sporty

Islamic fashion blogger NabiilaBee shows how a simple switch in materials can create an entirely different look for fashionable Muslim women. Using a jersey maxi scarf, frame your face, pin the sides, and then wrap the sides as indicated in the tutorial below. Make sure to play around with the pleats to create a beautiful and elegant look. This is a nice look for those who wear glasses as it is elegant and refined, yet it is loose enough to make wearing glasses quite comfortable.



  1. Boost Your Volume

To create added volume with a standard hijab scarf, consider this voluminous messy layered look today. You can use a variety of hijab styles and materials to accomplish this look, and it just might become your daily style of choice since it is so easy to create in a minute or so. This is a “messier” look, so it might not pair with an elegant evening gown or other sophisticated apparel choice, but it is perfect for casual, everyday wear. Take a look at the tutorial below for a step by step guide on creating this versatile look.



The seven styles listed above represent truly unique and beautiful options for Muslim women who are ready to add some flair to their basic hijab style. The hijab is a modest apparel choice, for sure, but that simply means that it is the perfect foundational piece to create an ensemble around. For more style ideas or to browse an extensive selection of trendy, high quality Islamic clothing for women, men, and kids, visit us at today!



5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Any Modest Islamic Outfit

Are you looking for a way to update your old abayas or dress up a plain hijab? Our tips will help you change up your look without breaking the bank.


There is common misconception today that modest Islamic clothing has to be boring or plain. In actuality, though, modest clothing just might be the perfect foundation for a truly fashionable look. Think about it; desirable Islamic outfits for women are sleek, subtle, and designed specifically for the modern, elegant women. They can be had in solid colors or in a variety of gorgeous patterns, and in a range of styles and profiles. To create an unforgettable look, pair a modest outfit or piece of clothing – like an abaya or hijab, with Islamic jewelry, accessories, and other adornments to upgrade your look and add a touch of elegant style to your ensemble. The following five simple ways to upgrade your look can be had without destroying your budget.


Allah KhamsaBefore leaving the house, consider adding a statement necklace to your ensemble to create a beautiful and classic look. A statement necklace is specifically larger than a typical one, and it is designed to draw the eye toward the pendant hanging from the chain. To meld both classic styling with culture and tradition, consider an Allah Khamsa necklace. This piece features the “Khamsa” symbol that is thought to ward off the evil eye, and features beautiful calligraphy, a two tone antique silver and polished gold finish, and glittery cubic zirconia adornments. Not only is this necklace a thing of beauty, but it also holds real cultural significance and will help to remind you of the importance of your faith.



Al-Fatiha_necklaceAnother option is the Al-Fatiha necklace, a piece of jewelry that not only looks amazing, but also draws inspiration from the teachings of the of the Quran. The Al-Fatiha, or “The Opening,” contains seven unique prayers that will remind you of the noble Quran. At the same time, the Al-Fatiha necklace adds a subtle, traditional, yet beautiful upgrade to virtually any modest outfit.





Patterned and textured fabrics

Patterned_and_textured_fabricsIslamic accessories can dramatically improve the look of practically any modest outfit, but sometimes it’s the little things that really shift the direction of an ensemble – like the texture of the fabric or the sheen of the print. This season sees a fun and eclectic mix of textures and prints, as well as an unexpected resurgence of out of the box pairings of colors, prints, and innovative fabrics. To upgrade your wardrobe this year, consider adding a contrasting silk wrap with hand beaded embroidery. The soft, subtle elegance of silk pairs wonderfully with casual choices like plain shirts or simple cotton maxi dresses. Or, experiment with unique colors or patterns that you may not have thought would match with a basic Islamic dress. The great thing about creating new ways to match patterns and textures is that it expands the potential of your wardrobe!





Create lightweight layers

Lightweight_layersOne of the easiest ways to create a unique and vibrant look is to add a lightweight topper in a silky fabric. Even if your base layer is a fairly modest dress or pants/shirt combination, you can create an entirely new aesthetic by incorporating a fun top like this Chiffon Floral Poncho. In fact, you can even transform a casual outfit into a formal look by ordering a topper in a shimmering, metallic fabric or one that offers unique accents or customized details. Our Chiffon Floral Poncho features show-stopping good looks and incorporates drawstring tassel closures, slight gathering in the back, and a shaped silhouette. You can completely change your look by simply ordering one new top!





Go the unexpected route

Shoulder_Body_Jewelry_in_GoldThey say that fortune favors the bold, so embrace your inner diva and feel confident in wearing bold, versatile, and elegant body jewelry. While some may consider this ensemble upgrade option a little outrageous for daily wear, there is no reason why you have to wear the same old thing every day! In fact, why not overdress a little during the workweek or when out around town? Add a piece of body jewelry like our Shoulder Body Jewelry in gold, and you’ll instantly feel like royalty. This piece can transform even the most basic of tops or dresses into a fashionable piece that will look glamorous and sophisticated. Upgrade your look for a lot less money than you thought was possible by adding unique and edgy body jewelry.


Color is everything!

To make your wardrobe really pop and improve the versatility of your collection of clothes and accessories, make sure that you know how to combine colors to maximize your available looks. Most of us cannot afford to buy new outfits every day, so simply purchasing a few new pieces in bright, bold colors can add life to your closet and bring a smile to your face.













Order a long maxi skirt in a bold hue and then pair it with your choice of top to create a vibrant yet classic look. Or, opt for a pair of dressy wide leg pants for a sophisticated profile that’s classically chic. Free flowing designs and a variety of fabric textures can help bring out a more fashionable look without straying too far from your modest tastes.


If you are looking for a way to create a set of new outfits or looks this year, and you don’t want to break the bank, consider the five style tips above. You will look great, feel amazing, and save money all at the same time when you partner with the modest fashion experts at Artizara. So dress up your old abaya dress or hijab with on-trend Islamic jewelry, new or innovative accessories, bold new colors, prints, or textures, or simply a new topper that can transform your look from simple to stunning. Don’t shy away from a more fashionable you – it is right around the corner!

Our Favorite Abayas for This Summer

Is your summer wardrobe looking a little tired? Check out our top picks for modern updates to the classic abaya dress that every Muslim woman needs this summer.


If we had to sum up the traditional Abaya dress in one word it would be “versatile.” Abayas are perfectly suited for everyday wear, or they can be worn at a formal event or evening out with ease. Abayas range from basic black or other solid colors to more elaborate dresses adorned with sleek accents and special accessories. If you’re tired of looking at your closet and finding nothing to wear – or nothing that you want to wear, consider adding a fresh look to your wardrobe and upgrading your old wardrobe with a new fashionable abaya. You’ll look great and feel incredible when you add the latest in modest styles to your wardrobe. And, trendy and elegant abayas are available at incredibly low prices when you’re a smart shopper – you just have to know where to look!


Here’s the thing – while you can live life wearing the same old assortment of clothes and accessories, there is something incredible about wearing abayas that fit well and are crafted using the latest in construction techniques. From simple and chic styles to limited edition prints, elegant maxi dresses to luxuriously embroidered formal designs, add modest yet stylish abayas to your clothing collection this summer and you’ll update your look in no time at all. Here are our top picks for today’s modern abaya dresses for the fashionable woman:


Mariel Formal Hand Beaded Caftan Dress1. Mariel Formal Hand Beaded Caftan Dress – Graceful, elegant, and delicate, the Mariel formal dress is ideally suited for formal events and special celebrations. You’ll light up the room in this flowing caftan dress that features a metallic linear print accented with hand beading. A chiffon overlay adds dimension and a subtle softness, while the included, coordinating soft chiffon scarf creates a cohesive look that is ideal for summertime formal events. The spaghetti tie belt can be worn for a more fitted look, or leave it off for a flowing profile. The Mariel comes in 152cm (60”) length and features a caramel color that pairs wonderfully with a range of accessories.






Lily_Long_Belted_Maxi_Dress_Abaya2Lily Long Belted Maxi Dress Abaya – When looking for the ideal summertime abaya dress, why not consider the bright, sunny, and cheerful Lily abaya? This loose and flowing summer dress features a multicolor print that will look incredible in any setting, and the flattering princess seams, modest round neckline, and loose sleeves with elastic cuffs artfully combine with the traditional elegant abaya profile to deliver a decidedly modern and light feel. Waist-level pockets and easy-care chiffon construction will make this abaya your go-to dress for virtually all occasions, and the fully-lined construction eliminates the need to layer. Simply add a brightly-colored wrap to add a touch of flair and you’ll be all set for the summer!






Marian_Lace_Accent_Maxi_Dress3. Marian Lace Accent Maxi Dress – Just because you are looking for a summertime abaya dress doesn’t mean you’re limited to casual pieces. In fact, the Marian lace accent formal maxi dress is drenched in feminine style and features several stunning features that combine to create one unforgettable abaya. This beautifully-shaped maxi dress is accented by a lace overlay bodice that creates a striking counterpoint to the solid color top section and soft chiffon skirt. The lace panel is contemporary, regal, bold and elegant, and adds a stylish look that is perfect for formal events, evening celebrations, or simply when you feel like dressing for success. The dress also features lined sleeves, functional mother of pearl buttons, and a rear invisible zipper. An included, coordinating soft chiffon scarf completes the ensemble and adds a touch of restrained elegance to the overall look. Elegance meets summer style in this mesmerizing abaya dress.




Noor_Embroidered_Formal_Maxi_Dress4. Noor Embroidered Formal Maxi Dress – Summer is a time of year characterized by bright days and plenty of natural light, so it is fitting that this elegant abaya is called the “Noor” – literally the Arabic word for light. This formal dress will enable you to light up a room at an upcoming formal event or special celebration, and it features a bold, striking design and a sweeping silhouette that will captivate everyone around you. The modest, rounded V-neckline combines with a flared bottom and defined waist to create an inspired profile, while the faux dupioni construction is restrained yet fashionable. A coordinating chiffon scarp is included with the dress to create a cohesive look and a modest appearance.








5. AARA Stylish Everyday Maxi Dress – Feeling great and looking incredible this summer doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or a relaxed feeling. Instead, consider the sky blue AARA everyday maxi dress and you’ll instantly shift into a summertime spirit that encourages good times with your favorite people. This dress is constructed of refined yet easy to manage, non-sheer textured fabric that offers a bit of stretch yet won’t cling. You’ll look great all day long and the simple silhouette can be easily accented with a belt or other subtle accessories to change up the overall look.  The AARA maxi dress is machine washable, constructed in California, and is an exclusive design that will become your must-have modest dress for the summertime months.





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Formal Functions Call For Modest Clothing For Women

The spring season brings events where friends and family get together to share their company and compare notes on the latest modest styles of fashion. To ensure you look your best at graduation celebrations, birthday parties and wedding ceremonies, check out the following new arrivals of long dresses with long sleeves and cute tunic tops for women.






Look simply elegant in the longline Charlene in dusty rose (also available in black and mocha). The modest top features pale gold geometric embroidery around the boat neckline and near the asymmetrical hem with tonal chiffon piecing. If that’s not glamorous enough, the long cuffed sleeves include mother of pearl buttons!



Feel like a queen in this A-line Ramona midi dress that flatters all figures and adds a swing to your step. Crafted in silky charmeuse, the formal top comes in navy, crimson and gold—and boasts a chic curved hem, modest boat neck and cuffed sleeves with mother of pearl buttons. Best of all, the women’s tunic showcases delicate zardozi(the Persian word for embroidery with gold string) depicting vines along the sleeves. This form of artisan work was once used to embellish the attire of royalty and reached its zenith during the Mughal empire in 17th century India. But now you too can adapt this regal treat!



Make a fashion statement in the minimalist black Baylie that’s anything but basic! The chic tunic dress includes popover styling with simple round neck and straight sleeves; aflattering swingy shape with curved chiffon accent hem; and an elegant midi length that’s perfect for posh parties. Whether you opt for black or choose the navy or crystal blue versions, this modest must-have makes an ideal backdrop for sparkling jewelry!





minka-ivory-tan-beige-lace-islamic-maxi-dress-abaya_1Making a grand entrance and lasting impression is a done-deal when you don this long sleeved Minka abaya with applique banding around the neck and waistline. The intricate detailing of the ivory lace is highlighted against contrasting lining (available in either tan or black). Made of soft light crepe, this maxi dress includes maximum benefits from the rear invisible zipper that no one can detect to the coordinating solid chiffon scarf that all will notice and admire!




Be especially chic at your next special event in this light gold Delphine. Luxurious charmeuse satin and shimmery lace combine to create a maxi dress that’s as eye catching as it is modest. Fully lined in soft chiffon, the formal features a boat neck, simple long sleeves, rear invisible zipper, and slimming princess seams at the front and back with a pleated waistband. The abaya also comes with a coordinating soft chiffon scarf to create a timelessly tasteful ensemble that’s easy on the eyes and the pocketbook!




Models, actresses, designers and more gather every year in New York for the Met Gala. While some celebrities wear wild attire, an equal number of fashionistas choose modest dresses inspired by Islamic abayahs. In fact, many styles seen on the 2016 Red Carpet can easily be incorporated into Muslim women’s wardrobes with the following abayas for sale.


Marvelous Metallic Maxi

With its bronze gold tone, this Julie abaya is similar to the Valentino Couture gown Rachel McAdams donned. Crafted in non-clinging jersey fabric, the comfortable yet classy maxi dress features fitted sleeves with gathers; body lined in soft crepe; subtle slimming stripe; and twisted waistband that adds shape. Best of all, this lovely abaya dress comes with a coordinating chiffon scarf to complete the look!


Darling Dotted Abaya

To adapt Beyonce’s Givenchy in Haute Couture into everyday Islamic wear, opt for this casual chic Uma abaya dress. Instead of bling sewn onto the material, this fully-lined maxi boasts a less formal and more versatile micro-dot print design that lets you go from work to play. Plus, the crinkle chiffon abaya includes mother of pearl buttons; chest pockets and cuffed roll-tab sleeves; shirt collar; simple A-line skirt; and a detachable belt!


Glittering Gold Gown

Girls star Jemima Kirke was quite the golden girl in Chanel—and you can be too when you don this Iman abaya with crepe lining. Crafted in a tone-on-tone woven brocade in an intricate floral weave, the fully-lined formal features front and rear darts for shaping; inverted pleats at side vents for ease of movement; full straight sleeves for coverage; rear invisible zipper; and a matching solid chiffon wrap with a thin embroidered edge. If that’s not enough, it also comes with a sparkling rhinestone encrusted neckline for added glam!


Amazing Amie Abaya

Make a regal entrance in this royal blue iridescent textured Amie abaya with train similar to the Michael Kors formal worn by actress Emily Blunt. The tailored gown features faceted jewels to accent the shoulders; a modest keyhole neckline with jewel detail; straight-fitted sleeves; rear invisible zipper and built in bra. The unlined body is non-transparent while the sleeves are lined—all for modest opacity. Last but not least, this stunning ensemble includes a shimmering chiffon hijab!


Beaming Black Caftan

Like Kris Jenner’s blinged-out Balmain, the glittering Mariel maxi proves there’s nothing basic about black. The gracefully flowing abaya dress boasts a delicate metallic linear print accented with hand beading. A chiffon overlay covers a plain crepe long sleeve dress with a spaghetti tie belt so you can wear it belted or loose. Top your ensemble off with the coordinating soft chiffon scarf (included) and you’re ready for any formal function!


When you want to dress to impress, look to Artizara—your online modest clothing shop—which offers all of these abayas (and more) for sale.