Calling Creative Spirits: Design the Artizara Fall/Holiday Collection

Salaams to you Creative Spirits out there….

We are in the middle of designing our Fall/Holiday Collection and need creative inspiration from YOU!

Have a favorite shirt that you look at and say “If ONLY this was full sleeve so I didn’t have to wear layers under…”

or a pretty skirt that “Would be perfect if it was a few inches longer”

Well, we are all ears!!

Tell us what styles, colors, fabrics, cuts, trims you want to see in the fall/holiday Artizara collection.

Is it tough to go Back-to-School shopping for your teens? What things are specially hard to find?

Eid is right around the corner …What do you want to wear? (and are there any styles you wouldn’t be caught dead in??!)

Let those creative juices flow and help us make your dream outfit a reality…..

Leave comments, send us pictures, whatever….

We are all ears!!

22 thoughts on “Calling Creative Spirits: Design the Artizara Fall/Holiday Collection”

  1. I love your clothing. But I would like to see it offered in extended sizes. I am a size 2X and find it hard to locate nice Islamic clothing in my size.

  2. I’d like it if Artizara sold plus sized clothing. There are tons of muslimah that are bigger than a size 14, and it is virtually impossible to find fashionable clothing.

  3. i agree with the other girls you need to improve on your sizing try staying away from using s,m,l,xl,2xl trying 5,10,12,14,16,18 when u use xl and 2xl sounds bigger then what it really is and making to lager size would be great. i would love to see nice rich fall colours deep reds and emeraled green and more pants lose linen in white, tan and brown. i like to see a really nice tunics and i really like the italian inspired jilba i would like to see it in black and i think it would be nice to see some of your styles in other colours. i love your clothes and i cant wait to see the new fall clothes

  4. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Alhamdulilah, it is wonderful to see you have expanded. I remember when I met you at ISNA and you were just starting off.

    I would like to see some Islamic work/professional clothing as well as some silk pantsuits for more formal wear as well as designer abayas for women who are shorter than 5’2″ insha’Allah.

    Also, it would be great to see/purchase your clothes from big department stores, i.e. Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, etc. I am unaware of the logistics, but thought I would mention it anyway.

    Thank you for the opportunity to voice the customers’ opinions…it means alot.

    Warm Regards,

  5. Salaam,

    I think this is a great site! I would love to see more clothes that are blended with mainstream western trends. I feel like some of the outfits tend to have an eastern flare to them (tunics, kameez, etc). Maybe more brighter colors too as that is more in. I dont see a lot of winter items(cowlneck, turtle, cardigans, etc) on here that much.

    I agree with the comment on professional clothing as so many of us work and it becomes hard to find the right clothes. Thank you!

  6. asalam alakiuem
    I have some nice creations, very different beautiful designs of Islamic clothing that I like to sell. Can you please contact me at my e-mail if are you interested in buying my designs.

  7. Salaam alaikum ,
    I would love to see more shirt dresses like the white one you have that is extra long. Anything like that in more colors and different designs. Thanks so much!!

  8. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Here is what I would like to see:
    1. REAL workout clothes that also adhere to Islamic dresscode of modesty but are for Muslimahs who really know what working out is. What does this mean? A. Nothing tight or shorter than knee length w/wide leg pants that are fitted/snug at the top and are stretchy and B. Breathable fabrics like cotton (t-shirt material for tops), dry fit and other types of fabrics used for the bottoms and/or tops. These would be paired in a way that one item is smooth and one is cotton so that they do not stick to each other when working out. Does that make sense?
    2. I love shirt dresses like the ones that are really popular in stores right now like GAP and Banana Republic, but I would want them to be full length sleeves, and not tight around the bust or upper arms. They should be of light weight stretch poplin (not transparent). They should be subtle prints, pin stripes (for us working gals in corporate America). Some that are pull-over style and some that button up all the way from the bottom to the top.

  9. One more thing, which I have sewn in the past – abayas made of different materials like knit (but not tight) with cowl necks. I have made this style and they look very fashionable but are comfy since they are stretchy and warm because they are knits for those of us living in places like the Pacific NW.

  10. Please include denim in your collection, especially long denim skirts (in various colors, textures, and styles).

  11. ASA,

    I think it would be great if you could manage to incorporate more professional, and formal attire to your clothing line. I have been pretty satisfied with most of my purchases from Artizara, but I think those elements are lacking. I also like that you often offer matching scarves, but perhaps offering fuller, less transparent scarves might appeal to more muslimahs.

  12. I bought a size 2x (46)–and I have a 44 bust. Imagine my surprise to find that a size 2x really is a size 14! I typically wear size 2x or 3x in Western clothes. This is a 22-24w and my bust is 44-46 inches depending on the time of the month, my waist is 42-44 and my hips are 52 or so. I would totally have kept these items if they had actually fit me, they were GORGEOUS–but I can’t even get them on. Please add real plus sizes to your line?

  13. Assalamu Alaikum,my name is Melisa. I sent you guys my email.So you guys can see my designs of beautiful Islamic clothing. Contact me if you guys have any questions. Thank you very much

  14. ASA
    Would agree with everyone above about having scarves that are more wearable, more selection of work-appropriate clothing, and “easy-care” types of fabrics that don’t need babying (handwashing/dry cleaning).
    I would like to see some colors that are richer but not too bright (I’m thinking jewel tones and more opaque pastels), and some fabrics that are elegant but not shiny.
    More pretty knit shirts too!
    The list could go on and on. Love your clothes, ma sha Allah.

  15. I’d love to see longer dresses and skirts. I am of average height and I can tell you that 36″ or even 38″ would show my lower calves and ankles. I’d also like seeing more dresses, particularly more “everyday” ones.

  16. Hello,

    I have spent many hours & days shopping for tunics and am so frustrated with finding 100% cotton tunics and polyester georgette all over the internet. Cotton wrinkles easily and the georgette fabrics are transparent! (Not good for Muslimahs.) I would like it if you could make tunic tops that are made of a light to midweight fabric (maybe polyester, preferably good quality rayon) which fall above the knee just a couple inches. You have some shirt dresses which are similar length already. The fabric should also not wrinkle easily.
    These types of tops I’m suggesting might be more for spring & summer, but could be layered with a turtleneck for fall and winter.

    I also wish you would carry Western style suits for work in corporate America. (Suits with blazers that go down almost to the knee.)

    Thanks! I’ll keep checking your site for these items!

    Asalamu Aleikum!

  17. assalamo3alykom:

    I love your Eid collection,especially the dresses,but I don’t anybody could affors to buy dresses at that price.

    thank you.

  18. AA,
    I would love to see you offer professional clothes – longer shirts, skirt and pant suits, as well as business casual separates. Ahhhh, I just feel like quitting my job sometimes, just because I have nothing to wear to the office.
    Thank you!

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