Artizara Spring Summer 2009 Photoshoot

We just got done with our Spring/Summer 2009 photo shoot and had the opportunity to work with a really creative photographer and tremendously talented models. Everyone gave the shoot 200% and we shot over 70 outfits, finishing AHEAD of schedule!

And aren’t we excited about the new collection, lot’s of beautiful new things, that we cant wait to share with you!

But best of all, here is an email we received from one of our models after the shoot, which reminds us why Artizara is in business, and makes what we do worthwhile! We welcome your comments…

Hi, again, Sarah!

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed working with you today. Your clothes are beautiful!

I also wanted to say that I browsed through your website and read many of your blogs. Thank you so much for posting them- I truly learned so much this evening! Your blogs are so useful for those who don’t really have a firm understanding of the Islamic religion and culture, how it has become integrated into western society, as well as what issues remain among Muslim women living in the United States (and everywhere) today! I loved the blog you have posted, “Love and Leaving the Head Scarf,” especially. I think it is very important for people to know and fully understand these issues, and what you are doing with your company is amazing and very productive in mending these matters of contention! I think that women from any faith can love and appreciate your garments- they are modest, beautiful and elegant! I can’t wait to purchase one of your tops from your website! Thank you, again! 🙂


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