Our 10 Favorite Muslim Fashion Instagrams to Follow Now

Follow our favorite Muslim Instagrammers that dominate the modest fashion scene. These beautiful ladies offer Islamic fashion advice and beauty tips we love.


The contemporary Islamic women’s fashion industry is characterized by an exciting blend of modern styles and traditional sensibilities. Today’s modest woman isn’t constrained by simple styles or uninspired looks. Rather, clothing and accessories for Islamic women can be artistic, edgy, elegant, regal, colorful, and even a bit Avant Garde. And there is no better place to take a front row seat to all of the latest in Muslim fashions than Instagram. The following is a list of our 10 favorite Muslim fashion Instagrams to follow:

Yaz the Spaz

Yasemin, better known as YazTheSpaz, was born and raised in the United States to a Turkish father and Cuban mother. She feels that it is important to create beautiful styles, but more importantly, that those looks are comfortable and help women feel as confident as possible. She is married to a gentleman of Egyptian background, who supports her mission to empower girls and women to feel amazing and look beautiful.


As a recipient of Harper Bazaar’s Best Dressed award, Dana Wolley Zayat, known to her followers as Doooonie, maintains an Instagram fan base of more than 230k individuals. Over 3,000 posts to date detail her fascination with contemporary Muslim fashions and her brand ambassadorship for Sunsilk lends credibility in the fashion world. Her classy presence and penchant for glamorous yet restrained style has helped her to build a loyal following among those who appreciate modest fashion.

Thefierce nay

Nadia Hasan, known to Instagram followers as Thefierce nay, has always wanted to be a part of the fashion world. Her diminutive presence is offset by her outsized love of Arabic fashions, and her full-speed-ahead drive to promote her passion is tempered only by her restrained, polished demeanor and quiet, creative vision. She is not only a wildly-popular influencer, though – she is also a fashion designer who has translated her love of shoes into a wide array of footwear offerings for today’s modern women. Her designs are crafted in Italy and range from basic flats to stunning, evening-ready silhouettes.


Ascia AKF is a rising star in the Islamic women’s fashion world, and she has now amassed more than 35,000 followers from around the world. She considers herself a “hybrid,” meaning that she is a Kuwaiti/American who balances the complexities of modern life, while keeping an eye on traditional values and clothing. Her self-deprecating style and electrifying blogs entice followers to listen closely to her influential message around turbans, Islamic fashion ideas, and more.


Dalal Al Doub, known as Dalalid to followers, has emerged as a prominent name in the Middle East fashion and beauty scene over the past several years. She launched her blog Dalalid in 2012, and has since created a series of articles sharing her make up tips, personal beauty suggestions, and general lifestyle suggestions. Her focuses are empowering women in the region and delivering quality content that improves the fashion industry in the area. 1.9 million Instagram followers think she’s on to something.


With more than 54,000 followers on Twitter and 1 million on Instagram, Dinatokio has emerged as a powerful voice in the lifestyle, fashion and beauty realm. She combines contemporary fashion opinions and examples with a dose of relevant discussion around topics as diverse as modest bathing suits to politics. Her normal fashion blogging is refreshingly interspersed with her perspectives as a new mom, which lends a sense of light-hearted fun to her musings.


UK-based Zahrarosea (Zahra Rose Alazaibi) is a newer face to the modest fashion scene, but she’s growing quickly – now indicating more than 16,000 followers on Instagram and about 1,000 fashion-centric posts to browse. Active for about five years in the fashion world, her self-description is simply “just being a human-being being creative.” Her posts detail her influential opinions on Islamic fashion trends, creative clothing and styling tips, and more.


Dubai/US-based Saufeeya bint Goodson boasts over 232,000 followers on Instagram and has created nearly two hundred posts detailing her thoughts on creativity, self-expression, and individuality. She emphasizes diverse beauty, classic and modest stylings, and empowered women making a difference in the world. Take a look at her Instagram page and her YouTube videos for more information about what makes her unique perspective on modest fashions so insightful.


Fashion bloggers at Hautehijab live the mantra of “Hijab is more than just a piece of cloth.” Founded in 2010, more than 127,000 individuals call themselves followers of Melanie (the face of the brand), which has created a loyal following thanks to insightful and fun-to-read articles that cover all aspects of a modern, modest woman’s fashion options. Find Melanie and Hautehijab on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Maryam of Sincerelymaryam aims to capture modesty through the fashion lens – and wow, has she created a loyal following of fashionable individuals. Nearly 200,000 Instagram followers have access to her shopping faves section, YouTube videos and hijab tutorials, relaxed and friendly blog posts, and more. Her recent posts cover ways in which Muslim women can dress fashionable and modestly, during pregnancy.

When searching the web for great examples of Islamic fashion trends and modest apparel and styling options, you’ll likely come across one or more of these incredible women – each offering an insightful and eclectic view that provides plenty of ideas for the modern Islamic fashionista. For more information about modest clothing choices for women, visit www.artizara.com today!