10 Looks to Steal from the Runway of Islamic Fashion Week

Dressing modestly doesn’t have to mean sacrificing fashion. Check out our 10 favorite Islamic runway looks you can copy for a modest, on-trend outfit!


The Islamic fashion runway is an exciting place. After all, designers in this realm have proven that they can expertly craft unique, trendy styles while keeping modesty in mind at all times. Islamic fashion today can be just as vibrant and exhilarating as any other segment of the fashion world, yet it is uniquely tailored to the desires of today’s modern Muslim woman. The following are ten beautiful looks that you can steal from the runway at this year’s Islamic Fashion Week show in Istanbul.

  1. Gulshaan: Blue Maxi Dress Abaya: Loose, flowing, and decadently comfortable, there is no denying that this trendy yet subtle dress will continue to gain in popularity. Tailored details, a matching-fabric belt, and a conservative neckline contribute to the modest yet regal look. Look for dresses in this style that are constructed of 96% poly/4% spandex for comfort and wrinkle-free care, and then select a color that suits your personality. Blues were quite popular during Fashion Week this year! http://www.istanbulmodest.com/en/gulshaan.html


  1. Muslima Wear: Muslima Wear: At this year’s Islamic Fashion Week, countless varieties of elegantly styled looks from Muslima Wear were on full display. Modest styles included shawls, dresses, evening dresses, blouses, jackets, skirts, vests, and more. Slightly eclectic styles were seen at the show, indicating that perfectly matching separates are not required. In fact, you can pick and choose pieces to match your unique tastes! We loved the colors and unique design of their purple abaya, which are echoed in this purple abaya.

Muslima Wear

  1. Naelofar: Innovative designer Naelofar HIjab displayed several beautiful gown and hijab pairings on the Islamic Fashion Week runway, and their collection includes more than a dozen unique lines. From the elegant Victoria line of hijabs to the flowing, draped Annabelle, there are so many styles to choose from to create stunning, one-of-a-kind fashion statements. To mirror the elegant lines and crisp, pastel colors of the Naelofar collection, consider pairing a Saeera Palestinian Embroidered long maxi dress with your choice of stylish Hijab. You’ll look “just off the runway” in no time!


  1. Ainee Suhaidi: Designer outfits from Ainee Suhaidi on display at Islamic Fashion Week mirror those of the fashion maven’s traditional offerings – namely, trendy everyday wear that combines comfort and affordability. Think of Ainee Suhaidi fashions as “real clothing” that you could wear on any given day, but they’re just a bit higher on the elegance scale than most other options. From caftans to jumpsuits, capes to cardigans, a host of trends were on display – and you can emulate an Ainee Suhaidi runway look by selecting a formal hand beaded caftan dress with wrap scarf in your choice of colors.

Ainee Suhaidi

  1. Ainee Suhaidi: The designers at Ainee Suhaidi went all out this year and displayed some of the most innovative designs among modest clothing exhibitioners at the show. Long tunics and fitted pants paired beautifully with a set of elegant black pumps, while crocheted sweaters and a sleek black dress delivered a classic yet on-trend look for modern Islamic women. To reproduce this look yourself, consider ordering a Warda crinkle chiffon pleated long tunic, stylish black cigarette pants in black, and a Myra long knit sweater cardigan in Ivory. The overall look is sleek, modern, and tasteful.

Ainee Suhaidi Ainee Suhaidi2

  1. Kübra Biriktir: With hundreds of thousands of “likes” on social media, Kübra Biriktir is a leader in the Islamic women’s fashion movement, and delivered a stunning display at the Islamic Fashion Week show in Istanbul. To recreate one of the standout looks that was seen on the runway, consider ordering a Minka lace maxi dress abaya with scarf in stunning ivory and tan. This dress faithfully replicates the beige colored dress that debuted during the Kübra Biriktir presentation.

Kübra Biriktir

  1. Aidijuma: This iconic Islamic fashion house delivered a truly beautiful collection at the Islamic Fashion Week show this year, including many ensembles that featured spectacularly-layered looks and eclectic print choices. Colors, textures, and prints collided to create a whirlwind of fashion possibilities, and Aidijuma held nothing back when it came time to push the boundaries of today’s modern Islamic styles. To construct an outfit that mirrors the style, sophistication, and elegance of one of Aidijuma’s most revelatory looks this year, order Rani lace applique stretch velvet leggings, a Charlene embroidered long formal tunic in Dusty Rose color, and the IZA gold silk wrap hijab with hand beaded motifs. You’ll have the Aidijuma look for a fraction of the cost.

Aidijuma Aidijuma 2

  1. Hilal Oguzkan: It’s all Haute Couture from this incredible fashion house, and the 2016 Islamic Fashion Week provided the perfect opportunity for the designer to display far-reaching styles that expertly blend modern, sophisticated touches, with a reverence for modest, traditional styles. To capture the essence of Hilal Oguzkan yourself, order wide leg satin Palazzo pants that deliver a luxurious drape and incredible movement, then opt for a Sabine embroidered long tunic in crisp white. The combination delivers a comfortable look that is modest yet edgy.

Hilal Oguzkan

  1. Mevra: Stunning dresses are the calling card of Islamic women’s fashion designer Mevra. Designed to make you look absolutely gorgeous on a sophisticated night out or during a unique celebration, these dresses are transcendent and are simply wondrous to behold. To replicate the look and feel of Mevra’s regal dresses on display at the 2016 Islamic Fashion Week, try the Elsa maxi dress with wrap scarf in Café, complete with raglan sleeves, soft chiffon scarf, and shimmery gold edging.


  1. Esin Ertan: Attendees of Islamic Fashion Week this year in Istanbul were treated to Esin Ertan’s collection of sleek, modern, and modest fashion choices. Colors and patterns are often intentionally muted by this designer, but the intricate tailoring and flattering designs catch the eye and prompt descriptors like “versatility, sophistication, and femininity.” Bringing the best of Ertan home doesn’t require huge sums of money or a custom design consultation – instead, simply order a Baylie long curved med midi tunic dress in basic black, then add a pair of Zohra tailored cigarette pants in the same color. You’ll evoke thoughts of the Esin Ertan collection, all without spending a lot of money.

Esin Ertan

7 Secrets to Creatively Styling Your Hijab

Looking to change up how you fasten your headscarf? If so, read our favorite tips for fashioning a cool new hijab style like a pro.


While the traditional hijab is a symbol of modesty for Muslim women, it doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, the hijab is one of the most versatile pieces of apparel in that it can be styled in several different ways. Plus, the wide variety of fabrics, patterns, and textures can complement virtually any modest outfit. If you are ready to add a little flair to your normal routine, consider one of our favorite seven styling tips below. You’ll see our recommendations and then a link to a quick tutorial video to make these new hijab fashion styles even easier to access.

  1. The “Side Knot”

If you’re looking for a quick turban style that isn’t that difficult to create, but looks intricate and refined, make sure that you learn how to bring this hijab style to life. YouTube sensation NabiilaBee shows you how to tie a turban in a simple yet feminine way to create a beautiful and low-fuss look. The idea is a chic and sophisticated take on the traditional turban, best accomplished by employing a scarf made of jersey material or viscose mix. In almost no time at all you’ll create a regal and whimsical look.

Tutorial: http://www.aquila-style.com/aquila-videos/videos-hijab/easy-turban-tutorial-tying-a-side-knot/101450/


Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VmNZUOWpB8



  1. Add Some Glitz

The basic hijab represents the perfect canvas for your desired look, as it can be worn in an array of styles and comes in several unique material choices. If you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily style your hijab, while at the same time introducing an elegant and regal design element, consider adding a brooch or headpiece. A simple butterfly design or sterling silver diamond-look brooch adds visual appeal and a touch of restrained beauty to the entire outfit. Virtually any piece of modest jewelry can dress up a hijab – find a wide variety of unique styles today here.



Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cpbjOUama8

  1. Add length in the Front

To create a unique, fashionable, and sophisticated look – all without having to purchase a whole new wardrobe, simply change up how you wear your existing outfit and you’ll feel like a whole new person! Experiment with different cuts and prints to create a sense of length. Leaving your hijab longer in the front creates elegant length that is easily dressed up or down.



  1. Add Twists or Braids

This style is truly easy to create and looks so cute! You just might find that it becomes your go-to look for both casual and elegant events. Start with a bonnet and volumizing scrunchie to create the perfect base layer, and then fold a square hijab as indicated in the accompanying tutorial. The hijab peaks at the center of the forehead and then wraps around in an attractive twisted braid design that is quite fashionable across the modern Arab world today. Alternatively, adding some simple twists to your hijab creates soft dimension for a cute look that’s still professional.


Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa9-RIYjWek


Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJYTevQi6JQ

  1. Show off your Earrings

One common complaint among women who wear a hijab is that it can be difficult to wear earrings – or that the earrings are too hidden behind the fabric of the hijab, making it pointless to even wear them in the first place. Take a look at the tutorial below and learn how to take a normal hijab, wrap it using strategically placed pins. You’ll look just like you’re wearing earrings as normal, but they will now display much more prominently than before.


Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sF043gg6Rw

  1. Go Sleek and Sporty

Islamic fashion blogger NabiilaBee shows how a simple switch in materials can create an entirely different look for fashionable Muslim women. Using a jersey maxi scarf, frame your face, pin the sides, and then wrap the sides as indicated in the tutorial below. Make sure to play around with the pleats to create a beautiful and elegant look. This is a nice look for those who wear glasses as it is elegant and refined, yet it is loose enough to make wearing glasses quite comfortable.


Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PHxjRMel90


  1. Boost Your Volume

To create added volume with a standard hijab scarf, consider this voluminous messy layered look today. You can use a variety of hijab styles and materials to accomplish this look, and it just might become your daily style of choice since it is so easy to create in a minute or so. This is a “messier” look, so it might not pair with an elegant evening gown or other sophisticated apparel choice, but it is perfect for casual, everyday wear. Take a look at the tutorial below for a step by step guide on creating this versatile look.


Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cV5Jn_zGQA

The seven styles listed above represent truly unique and beautiful options for Muslim women who are ready to add some flair to their basic hijab style. The hijab is a modest apparel choice, for sure, but that simply means that it is the perfect foundational piece to create an ensemble around. For more style ideas or to browse an extensive selection of trendy, high quality Islamic clothing for women, men, and kids, visit us at www.artizara.com today!